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Ruben Vitalis can be considered to be one of the most important figures for the Dutch house scene and he became one of the fastest growing DJ’s in the Netherlands playing all the major venues. Ruben also gave the International market a wake-up call by setting new trends in all Europe, Asia and South America with his Tribal Sound.

With his concept Dancevilla, He is sold out every year at the ADE showcases and hosts the mainstage at various major festivals

Being recognized by DJ Mag, for his unique Tribal style.. And a top 100 place in the dutchDJ book.. The future looks bright for Ruben Vitalis!

Quote Ruben Vitalis:

“One of the lessons that I’ve learned is to always be respectful in the music scene. In this business, lots of people get ruined by success and money. It’s super-important to keep the respect between DJs, promoters and agencies, without selling out”






Excl. techniek / geluid


90’s tot hedendaags, House

* Prijzen zijn ex 7% BUMA-afdracht (indien van toepassing) en ex 9% BTW, en onder voorbehoud van (tussentijdse) wijzigingen.