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This is a talented music lover and entertaining DJ!

He frequently appears on the biggest line-ups, a well-known face at all the European party hotspots, respected by the biggest names in the scene and famous for his unique and explosive spinning style which always contains a jolt of adrenaline.

This talented music lover and entertaining DJ, better known as Cem Araci, is claiming his spot behind the decks since the age of 12 when he started spinning the old fashion way: armed with his vinyl records the talented DJ was determined to break down parties and clubs all over Holland. This ambition brought the young Cem to the House Music genre, where he is spinning under the alias ‘ Outsiders’ for 4 years now. With over 200 bookings a year in Holland it is safe to say Outsiders is a well respected name in Holland’s famous Electronic Dance Music scene. In addition to his Dutch bookings his foreign DJ tours gave Outsiders the opportunity to showcase his praised DJ skills in clubs in every corner of the world, from all over Europe to the Caribbean and Asia.

Last year he locked himself up in his studio to put a full focus on his producing skills and not without any success: some of the biggest and best-known House labels at the moment already showed their interest to sign his latest floor-fillers. Outsiders continue to flaunt as he ups the ante for some more exciting new releases and collaborations with some of the greatest House/EDM DJs of the moment. Track ID’s and release dates will be revealed later on this year but it is certain Outsiders merged his high energy and explosive spinning style into his tunes which will definitely make the crowd go crazy in clubs worldwide.

Do we need to say more? Outsiders is on full throttle and an asset for every House / EDM Music Event. Listening to his floor thrilling sets will make it impossible for you to stand still, so you all better be ready: Outsiders is coming your way!


Prijs op aanvraag


60 min


Excl. techniek / geluid


Hardstyle, Freestyle, Hardcore

* Prijzen zijn ex 7% BUMA-afdracht (indien van toepassing) en ex 9% BTW, en onder voorbehoud van (tussentijdse) wijzigingen.